Gruesome Handsome

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Im Taylor and this is my tumblr page yo.

life is so weird and the feels are feely

i have this new app called sleepcycle (not advertising) and basically it tracks your sleeping habits and this morning I woke up feeling really fucking awesome, although I was having the strangest dreams, and my sleepcycle reported that my sleep was satisfactory. Anyway, I woke up, drank coffee, and read 60 pages of A Farewell to Arms (almost finished :o), then planned for Ireland… and holy fuck I am going to Ireland in 10 days and every night I have really bad anxiety where I stay up and imagine myself in Titanic, except its a plane, not a boat, and I crash in the Atlantic and I float on a piece of debri to stay alive with a companion, than a whale comes and eats my hand and I devote my life to get revenge on this whale…. wait this is starting to sound familiar. My companion dies, I am rescued, leave the Atlantic without my hand, and embark on the incredible journey of training my left hand to work like my right but its hard and embarrassing. Im fucking tired. Life is so strange.



if you’re a girl & you say you’ve never been physically attracted to a girl you’re lying girls are fucking hot

I was having this argument with Wade the other day. He said he has never had a gay fantasy and I think he is such a bullshitter because I think women are fucking hot, so I assume that guys secretly want the D, even if they are straight. Everyone wants the D

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